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Hello hello, this section of my website will give you a little insight into me as a harpist, how I got inspired to learn and what I'm up to now!


I am a Leeds-based professional electro-acoustic harpist, and graduated from Leeds Conservatoire, with a first class degree in Popular and Folk music. I got inspired to learn the harp in year 2 after watching a play called 'How to hug trees' by Theatre Alibi, and have been learning since with Emma Graham and Anna McLuckie. I grew up in Devon and took part in music competitions around that area, In 2016 I won Devons most promising harpist in the Devon Performing Arts Festival. By attending courses ran by the former royal harpist, Claire Jones, I got the opportunity of going to America to tour the east coast with the American Youth Harp Ensemble in July 2018.


After being inpired by harpists such as Eleanor Turner, Lara Somogyi and Tara Minton, I invested in an electric harp and Fx Pedals to show that the harp can do so much more than just classical. Since then I've been building up a pedal board and advancing my composition skills, to write my own music. I released my first single 'Constellations' in April, and have many more songs on the way! You can listen to my music by clicking HERE.


From the age of 16 I've been in a Gypsy Folk Band called Talisker, who are well known in the Devon area, and have played multiple festivals across the south west. We released our self titled EP in May 2019, and did a small summer tour to celebrate the release. During my university experience I found myself falling in love with Traditional Tunes, and now play in a 4 piece folk band - Helian and in a traditionally influenced duo with fiddle player, Charlie Birkett.


Since Graduating university, I've been gigging solo, going around festivals with my bands and have been doing various types of session work such as recording, writing harp parts with songwriters, depping opportunies and much more. Alongside performing, I love using music in a community setting, and you can find me working with the Leeds based community music charity, Made with Music.

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